12 hours

A good night sleep,  leisure time with the family, and, of course, some time to eat.

3,6 hours

We also need some time to get to our offices, come back home, and other things like meetings.

8,2 hours

We spend an average of 8 hours for our regular jobs or paid projects.

30 minutes

With a 30 minutes daily routine, we design our
pro bono projects.

we have the time



Our pro bono projects offer unique opportunities to enhance creativity. But whatever we end up contributing, it is only satisfying if we strongly believe in the project.

get real value

NGO's and foundationsWe collaborate with NGO´s brand communication, and help develop exposure for its fundraising events.

education & learningOnline learning and print resources accesible to the general public.

experimentalIt´s the most innovative part of our offer. We work on new proposals for our most daring clients.


Examples coming soon

Example: Type basics

Examples coming soon

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Pro bono work isn't about giving something away. It’s about getting something back —the freedom to do it your way—

Paula Scher

1,5% of our time focused on you

With just 20 minutes of our time, we could make a difference.